Rittenhouse rye, Carpano Antica vermouth
▪ The best rye, the best vermouth and the best bitters combine to create a nutty, peppery tinge to a classic.

Rye, Bourbon, Calvados, Cognac
▪ Everyone loves old fashioneds. This one is taken up a notch by combining four base spirits. Because, MORE. Adapted from Death & Co, NYC.

MULLED WINE  $11 / 5oz
Sangiovese wine, cinnamon, star anise, nutmeg, vanilla, citrus peels & more
▪ Of course, this isn’t really a cocktail, though it does have more ingredients in it than anything else. The aroma alone will bring you home.

PAPER MOON  $14 / 2.75oz
Victoria gin, St. Germain elderflower, Cocchi Americano
▪ Classic, simple, and delicious. Also great in shot form if you want to class up your drinking.

ROYAL OAK  $14 / 2.75oz
Elijah Craig 12 year, Cocchi Americano, Amaro Nonino, grapefruit  
▪ On one of our ‘research’ trips to NYC just about every cocktail bartender was challenged to make a boozy but summery bourbon drink. We got a lot of great takes, and this is a distillation of them, a creative cocktail of cocktails.

PARADIS  $13 / 2.75oz
Tanqueray gin, Suze, Dolin Dry vermouth, St. Germain elderflower
▪ The bite from the Suze makes this gin martini pop, with only a trace of St. Germain to round things out.

DAY FOR NIGHT  $12 / 1.75oz
Crème de Pêche, rosemary liqueur, Campari, Chardonnay, verjus
▪ A wine-based cocktail for day or night. Also, Truffaut.

THE NORMANDY  $14 / 2.5oz
Zubrowka vodka, Calvados, Cointreau, Dolin Bianco Vermouth
▪ So smooth. Another martini all grown up.

WOODWARD AVE.  $13 / 2oz
Walnut tea infused rum, Cognac, Herbsaint, verjus, maple syrup.
▪ This cocktail goes far with the harmony of grape and walnut. Quickly becoming a favourite.


ST. DOMINIQUE  $14 / 2.5oz
Mezcal, Suze, agave, lime, muddled strawberry & basil
▪ The smokiness of the Mezcal and bite from the Suze pair perfectly with the muddled strawberry and basil.

GHOSTWOOD  $13 / 2oz
JB Black bourbon, Briottet fig liqueur, orgeat, lemon, muddled mint
▪ Our patio-perfect version of a mint julep with fig, orgeat & lemon added to the mix.

WHITE LODGE  $13 / 2.5oz
Tanqueray gin, Pimm’s, cava, lemon, muddled cucumber & ginger
▪ Our reimagined Pimm’s cup with cava & ginger.

RASPBERRY BERET  $12 / 2.25oz
Sloe Gin, Campari, muddled raspberries, lemon, cocoa, soda
▪ You can probably guess how great this Negroni derivation is going to taste. Bitter, but balanced.

AND HEAVEN TOO  $14 / 3.5oz
Tromba tequila, Aperol, Cava, lime, cinnamon, cardamom
▪ This cocktail is like summer and winter combined, perfect anytime.

BLACK WALNUT  $12 / 2oz
Walnut tea infused rum, cinnamon, cardamom, lemon
▪ The bar, the tables, all black walnut. Like And Heaven Too, this cocktail will warm you up or cool you down depending on the season—it’s
got you covered.

LADY GREY SOUR  $12 / 2oz
Earl Grey rye, lemon, black pepper
▪ The O.G., the only cocktail that's been on every menu. For good reason--the perfect sour.

CHOUPETTE  $11 / 1.5oz
Tanqueray gin, St. Germain elderflower, lemon, thyme
▪ This cocktail is crushable. Another crowd-pleaser.

ELWOOD’S DREAM  $12 / 2oz
JB Black bourbon, Amaro Montenegro, Crème de Pêche, lemon, maple syrup
▪ What do kitties dream of? Elwood is a star about town, endearing himself to everyone on the patio. Cats hate citrus, but not in
their dreams.

LA COMMUNE  $14 / 2.25oz
Calvados, Amaro Nonino, cinnamon, cardamom, lemon, lime, 6 spice, egg white
▪ A calvados sour enhanced by some amaro and Chinese 6-spice. Already classic.

VIOLET HOUR  $13 / 1.5oz
Tromba Tequila, Benedictine, house vanilla liqueur, lime, agave, egg white
▪ Complete and harmonious, everyone loves this one.  

ZUG ISLAND  $12 / 1.75oz
Tanqueray gin, Laphroaig scotch, Suze, Dell’Arborista amaro, lemon, agave
▪ A former Native burial ground, Zug Island is a heavily industrialized and polluted island in Detroit. Up to 80 km away in Canada a mysterious hum can be heard, traced back to the island, but the precise source has yet to be located. Made in its honour, this one is intense and weird, and it might just be our favourite.

NO, SERIOUSLY  $13 / 2.25oz  
Jaral de Barrio Mezcal, Dillon’s absinthe, cucumber, lime, agave, salt
▪ This slightly smokey twist on a margarita is at once light and savoury. Powerful, yet not quite a hallucinogen.

HOT TODDY  $12 / 1.25oz
Knob Creek Bourbon, Boulard Calvados, lemon, raw honey, bourbon/apple jam
▪ The ultimate hot toddy. Apple & bourbon, warm & fuzzy.

RUM & MOLASSES  $13 / 2oz
Smith & Cross Rum, Plantation Gran Anejo Rum, lime, cinnamon, nutmeg
▪ Our twist on a daiquiri, with fall & winter spices. Dreamy.


HIGH FIVES  $11/1.75oz
Punch Fantasia, Curaçao, Absinthe, Northwood cold brew, kaffir lime
—Coffee after dinner? Absinthe? Yes, yes. But really this one’s great

L’ECLISSE  $10/1.25oz
Fernet, house vanilla liqueur, Triple Sec, Northwood cold brew, salt
—Hits all the notes of after dinner goodness: mint, chocolate, coffee, 
orange. Perfection.

Classic Cocktails

CC 100% rye or JB Black bourbon, gomme syrup, orange peel
CC 100% rye, Luxardo Maraschino, Herbsaint, gomme syrup
CC 100% rye, Dolin’s Red, Cherry Heering, Herbsaint
SAZERAC ▪ $14/2oz
Northern Harvest rye, Herbsaint, gomme syrup
VIEUX CARRE ▪ $14/2.5oz
Courvoisier cognac, CC 100% rye, Dolin’s red, Benedictine
TORONTO ▪ $12/2.25oz
CC 100% rye, Fernet, gomme syrup
SIDECAR ▪ $14/2.25oz
Courvoisier cognac, Cointreau, lemon
PAPER PLANE ▪ $14/2.25oz
JB Black bourbon, Amaro Nonino, Aperol, lemon
BLOOD & SAND ▪ $13/2.25oz
Cutty Sark scotch, Cherry Heering, Dolin’s Red, orange
AVIATION ▪ $13/2.5oz
Tanqueray gin, Luxardo Maraschino, Crème Yvette, lemon
BIJOU / TAILSPIN ▪ $14/2.75oz
Tanqueray gin, Green Chartreuse, Dolin’s Red, Campari
CORPSE REVIVER #2 ▪ $13/2.25oz
Tanqueray gin, Cointreau, Cocchi Americano, lemon
LAST WORD ▪ $14/2.25oz
Tanqueray gin, Green Chartreuse, Luxardo Maraschino, lime
NEGRONI ▪ $14/3oz
Victoria gin, Campari, Dolin’s Red
WHITE NEGRONI ▪ $13/2.75oz
Tanqueray gin, Cocchi Americano, Suze
BOULEVARDIER ▪ $14/3.5oz
JB Black bourbon, Campari, Dolin’s Red
DARK & STORMY ▪ $12/1.5oz
Gosling’s rum, lime, ginger beer
MARGARITA ▪ $14/2oz
Tromba tequila, Cointreau, lime
MARTINI (Gin, Vodka, or Vesper) ▪ $12-14
SOUR (Bourbon or Rye) ▪ $12